Top trends in Information Technology

Business Intelligence / Analytics

Business Intelligence and Business Data Analysis will remain the top trend in the coming year. Organizations require tools to extract information crucial for making decision. This may include conventional tools such as tabular reports, spreadsheets and charts and advance tools for displaying the crucial information on the dashboard and mobile via internet or intranet to the decision maker.

Business Intelligence and Business Data Analysis tools can give ability to the decision maker in the organization to make quick and better decisions by viewing the real time information. This information may include customer data, employee data, manufacturing data, product data, sales and marketing activity data as well as any other source of information critical to the smooth operation of the organisation.

A strong Business analysis tool will integrate the unorganized data into organized form for real-time analysis and detailed reporting for the stake holders – customers, partners and employees.


Cloud Computing uses internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. It allows consumers and businesses to use applications from any computer with internet access. The computing becomes much more efficient by centralizing data storage and centralized processing.

All the mail accessing applications such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc. are example of cloud computing. You only need a computer with internet access to send and receive the mails. The mails and mail management software is totally managed by the cloud server.

A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo email, Gmail, or Hotmail etc. All you need is just an internet connection and you can start sending emails.

The basic components of the cloud computing are application, storage and connectivity. Each component serves a different purpose and offers different products for businesses and individuals around the world.

Mobile Technology

Till couple of years ago, technology was not advanced so that we could check the mails on the phone. The mobile technology has really changed the way we did business and stayed in touch when we were away from home and the office.

There are various technologies that are available to provide dramatically better mobile access, better devices and better applications. Some of the technologies are almost ready while others will take couple of years to come. There are some technologies which are available even today, but their success depends on the wide availability of the other technology. But they all, in their own way, will significantly improve how individuals and business users are mobile.

Mobile technology has evolved from being a simple two way pager to mobile phone to GPS navigation device, an embedded web browser and instant messaging client and a handheld game console. Experts believe that future of computer technology rests in mobile computing with wireless networking.

Digitization/ Digital Marketing

Marketing excellence is must for success in any business, be it a startup or the world’s most establish enterprise. With the advent of technology, art and science of marketing is constantly evolving. In today’s world, Digital economy is a prerequisite to succeed in e-commerce and digital and social marketing.

The upcoming technology exerts a profound technology on how startups are evolving and how established enterprises are challenged and even displaced. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have dramatically changed how we interact and companies like Uber and Ola have changed the way we commute from point A to point B.

Infrastructure and Data Centre

A data centre is a facility used to house computer system with mass storage and telecommunication facilities to receive and send data. It generally includes redundant and backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, air conditioning and other environmental controls and other security devices. Large data centers are industrial scale operations using as much electricity as a small town.

Data centre involve storing, processing and serving large amounts of mission-critical data to clients in a client/server architecture. Data center management involves ensuring the reliability of both the connections to the data center as well as the mission-critical information contained within the data center's storage. It also entails efficiently placing application workloads on the most cost-effective compute resource available.

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