How to Turn Visitors into Customers

Since ages it is believed that First impressions are everything. The same applies to the visitor to your site. Every store owners spend time and resources improving their homepage, but often forget about the importance of a well designed product page.

Even in the shop, a well organized product display is what customer does consider before buying the product. Even on the webstore, an un-appropriate way to showcase your products is essential can either drive users to continue to checkout, or click away from your store.

Powerful product description

Best way to showcase your product is to give detailed and organized product description for every product. The details need to be carefully written, and are extremely descriptive. You can also include enticing buzzwords and phrases like “built to last”, and “nothing makes for a more perfect gift, than this box of possibilities” that may excite the reader about the product. The enticing buzzword and the descriptions are written with the target market in mind, but at the same time it should be simple enough for anyone to understand.

Well placed call for action

A clear call for action like “Add to Cart” button, just under the product in the contrast colours, serves one purpose: getting your potential customers to the checkout more quickly. It needs to be instantly visible on the product page. The generic ‘Buy’ button’s not going to whip your audience into frenzy to buy the product.

Thorough product shots

The product display in the shop attracts the user to the product. A tab placed in the showcase will not attract the user, but a tab displayed on the stand will surely attract the user. The same principal applies to the webstore. The aesthetic of displaying the product on he webstore really pays off. The shots of the product should be nothing short of amazing display so that the potential customer should be able to really see the amount of details that goes into each product. To showcase more details of products, you can have shots from different angle and use variant image feature tool to display all the shots. You can think of removing the background from the shots, as it does nothing but distracts the customer. However, you can add some variants so that if customer wants to see, how product will look in the different environment.

Size Chart

For products that come in different sizes, like clothing and accessory stores, it is extremely necessary to include a size chart. In many cases, different brands have different size for same name configuration. For example, a medium shirt from one store may fit perfectly while from another brand, it fits incorrectly.

Shipping and Handling Charges

As per industry analysis, 68% of the online sale fails because of improper display of shipping and handling charges. There is no point of keeping the shipping and handling charges hidden and revealing it after the product has been added to the cart. If you don’t want abandonment of the cart because of shipping and handling charges, do list the information directly within your product description. It’s should be straight and to the point by displaying the destination wise rates.

Cross selling within product page

The best way to get more dollar value from a potential customer, is to upsell or crossell within the product page itself. There are many ways to do it. You can do a fantastic job by upselling in a non-intrusive way by showing other product options in their product description.

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Since ages it is believed that First impressions are everything. The same applies to the visitor to your site.
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